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AMA exists to empower men to reach their full potential by finding balance and harmony in life.

We believe a man's life can be explored through four major archetypes occurring naturally within him.


The Warrior represents a man's ability to express himself in the world.  The Warrior can empower a man or sabotage his life, if unwisely managed.

The Magician has the capacity for wisdom and mysticism.  It governs the spiritual and intellectual realms, bringing balance to the soul.

The Lover reflects a man's ability to love.  The Lover may cast a man into helplessness or guide him into fulfilling relationships.

The King is the pinnacle of maturity. He may be wise and visionary or insecure and controlling.


As we become aware of these archetypes, we can harness their strengths for success and happiness.  Left 

unattended they may become a source of pain and suffering.    AMA offers retreats, mentoring and a free men's 

group to help men live more consciously and reach their full potential.  Feel free to browse around, or contact us for

more information about the archetypes and how they can bring balance and harmony to your life.

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