Paul Murphy has made an extensive personal study of masculine archetypal development and guided many men through the rites of passage that present themselves during the initiation process. A skilled builder and craftsmen, Paul draws on his own initiatory experience to meet the desperate need for male mentors and is available to impart his wisdom and insight to guide men into their full potential.

Tim Drown is an experienced counsellor and life coach with a background in spirituality and personal development. A gifted educator and seminar facilitator, Tim draws deeply on his knowledge and extensive experience of spiritual principles to guide men through the rites of passage that present themselves in day to day life.

What people are saying about AMA...

"My experience  with AMA was a safe and mature, respectful journey through life's unresolved pain.  I found the freedom to own my past as part of me and the courage to forgive and let go. The wisdom passed on to me initiated the real man within.  It feels like I've been given a new pair of eyes to see the real me and the knowledge to live life fully as a mature man."

Tim, Perth WA


"Since the age of thirty-eight, I've experienced a deep-rooted, authentic transformation in my life I would never have dreamed was possible. In my journey with AMA, I have been shown a world of love, wisdom and understanding of which I could never have conceived and can truly say I have been blessed by Paul and Tim.  I remain truly grateful."

Toby, Perth WA


"My relationship with the world and other men in particular, was once one in which I felt deeply flawed, living with self-doubt and condemnation.  I lived with a painful neediness for attention and affirmation from outside myself.  To be understood for the first time in my life, and then guided by Paul, Tim and other men, I am truly grateful that I now am comfortable in the company of other men and regard them as equals and not superior to me."

Doug, Perth WA


"The counselling I have received from AMA is helping me to open up on a deeper level, helping me to know and accept and more importantly, love myself.  The articles on the website have helped me to simplify my process, find acceptance and inspiration.  Thanks AMA for the empowering guidance."

Damian, Perth WA


"I am forever indebted to AMA for the guidance through some tough challenges over the past couple of years.  Paul was the magician I needed through my of immaturity. I am a stronger and confident person, moving forward on my journey through this enlightened phase of my life."

Mike, Perth WA


"Having completed a thirty-year career, I faced a new set of challenges without any real understanding of who I was or what I wanted.  I had reached the "is this it?" stage. Through my work with Paul, I started to understand myself as a person and to identify the character traits and influences that had been prominent in my life. I began an inward journey of self-discovery which has transformed how I feel about myself. I am happier now than I have ever been because I understand the value of life and my own value as a human being."

Colin, Perth WA

Through working with Paul at AMA I have started to see changes in the respect I get from people in my life. I have found a way to interact more openly with everyone. Since I have started on my journey I have felt excited about the future and all the possibilities that the AMA mentoring can help guide me to. The best thing I have gained so far from AMA is true empowerment in my life"
Nick, Perth WA 

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