We are so confident that you will benefit from an AMA Mentoring Session, that if you're not happy with the outcome, we'll give you your money back! We can be confident because:

  • AMA has helped hundreds of men through an extensive variety of issues. It's our overwhelming success that gives us confidence and you peace of mind. Try just one session - you'll notice the benefits right away.
  • We are genuinely interested in you and your needs. Many helping professionals have been trained in cleverly marketed techniques and often become limited by these text-book approaches. We prefer to work with directly with people. There are no hidden agendas or fixed beliefs about how to work with you. We believe you have the answers and our role is to empower you to access them. One size does not fit all!

AMA mentors Men, Women and Couples around a

range of life issues.

Navigate Life and Relationships with Confidence!


Another reason to give Mentoring a go is because it differs radically to what you might experience with a counsellor or psychologist. You won't find a service like it! We're different because:

  • We aren't just trained to help men, we're gifted at it. I went through a period of time where I really struggled to find a good mechanic. Every service centre I went to just couldn't fix my car right. Then someone told me about an old bloke who worked from his backyard. He'd grown up around cars and spent his life fixing them. He was a natural and had been known to work miracles. I took my car to him and I couldn't believe the difference. Just because you're trained to do something, it doesn't mean you're good at it. I'd rather take my car to a gifted backyard mechanic anyday.
  • I guess that's the difference at AMA. We've been around long enough to recognise that we aren't only well trained, but we're really really good at what we do. What's more, we love it. It's a privilege and and honour to work with every man who steps through the door.

But wait, there's more...

  • Our sessions are not time-limited! Most helping professionals will allocate a forty-five minute session, and then charge you if you go over. We have one upfront fee, and because we are interested in you and your personal development, we see the session through to it's natural conclusion. No stop watches, buzzers or alarms. Just two men talking through real and important issues.
  • AMA offers a free support group. If you want to take your mentoring experience further, you can come along to our free men's group and discuss life with like-minded men. It's just like going to a barbie but without the beer! (Keeps us clear headed and on track!) For details of our mens group, click here.

    Mentoring sessions are available 

    • In Person (Perth, Western Australia) 
    • Over the Phone (Australia) 
    • Via Skype (Australia/International)

    The cost for a one-hour session is $95.00.  

    Family sessions are only available in person.

    Contact Authentic Manhood Australia for more information about Mentoring, or purchase a session at our online Web Store.


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